Your Wedding

Magic is a unique form of entertainment that has the power to engage and enthral people of all ages and backgrounds. By introducing a magic performer to your wedding you will quickly break the ice and create a relaxed atmosphere.

If you have been to a wedding recently you will know there is a lot of waiting around, especially while the photos are being done.  This is an ideal time to introduce a magician as it breaks the ice between the two families, most of whom have never met before, and really makes this time go with a bang.  You may also wish to have us perform during the meal as this gives everyone a chance to experience and share the magic in between courses. During the evening is also a popular time for us as you have new guests arriving we are often requested to “work on” to entertain the new arrivals.

Our Team

Scottish Magic is a team of experienced magicians who will deliver a professional service tailored to your wedding. Our approach will help you create a unique atmosphere for your guests and an experience they are sure to remember.

If you wish to book one of the Scottish Magic team for your wedding or make an enquiry click here.